Teaching Team

Ms Mia Meng Wu

Graduated from The University of Queensland in 2011 with a Master degree of Communications. She was the Public Relations and Campaign Manager of South Australian Tourism Commission Shanghai Office, specializing on copywriting and highly sensitive to the Chines characters. Passed the Professional Mandarin test in China, and obtained a first-class certificate.

Currently, she is the principal of Darling Downs and Toowoomba Chinese Language School, mainly responsible for daily management of the school and HSK Chinese proficiency test training. She is also a certified HSK examiner. Teacher Wu’s teaching style is rigorous, delicate and lively, and she is good at combining Chinese language education with traditional Chinese culture. Explain the profound things in a simple way, and cultivate the students’ enthusiasm and systematises in learning Chinese to the greatest extent.

Ms Liwei Zhao

Ms Zhao has been engaged in teaching for more than ten years, and has wealthy experience in mobilizing different students’ interest and enthusiasm for learning. She loves education, respects and appreciates every child, and is deeply beloved by students and parents.

With her classroom is lively and interesting, Ms Zhao is good at teaching students in accordance with their aptitude. In teaching, she constantly explores flexible and efficient teaching methods, connects with life, and explains in simple language, so that students can consciously and spontaneously experience the beauty of Chinese culture and language. She puts efforts on making students learn Chinese well and at the same time understand China’s long history and culture.

Ms Zhao understands the differences between Chinese and Western education, and is great at teaching students with bilingual and English-speaking family backgrounds.

Ms. Yanting Deng

Graduated from domestic higher education university and holds a domestic teacher qualification certificate. Mrs. Deng has more than ten years of teaching experience in domestic primary, secondary schools and international high school. She has got Putonghua proficiency test level 2A and reached the national teaching level of teaching Chinese as a foreign language.

Mrs. Deng has a better understanding of the cultural differences between China and the West, and the psychology and learning methods of overseas students. She believes that the role of teachers is not to teach but to help students learn happily. She is good at adding music and rhythmic teaching to Chinese  class. At the same time, Mrs. Deng is also very serious, responsible and caring. She has rich theoretical knowledge of pedagogy and can integrate Western children’s educational concepts into Chinese teaching, so that children can learn Chinese happily and learn Chinese well.

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